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    Me and a buddy (another ordained minister) have partnered to be able to offer more bookings and built in back up coverage. Plus, it's more experience, more expertise, more better for you (you know what I mean).

  • WHO I AM

    Rev. Matthew

    The guy that'll sign your marriage license.

    I'm a seminary trained and ordained Presbyterian minister. I have experience in church ministry, chaplaincy, and social service agencies. In other words, I have the credentials and experience to help you get married. That's the boring stuff.


    The fun stuff is this. I really like my kids and my wife (whew, got lucky on those), Masterpiece Theatre on PBS (Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge, yes!), college football (the Texas Tech variety is preferred), college baseball (wreck 'em), playing at the park (with or without my kids), eating good food (homemade, food truck, hole in the wall, or fancy schmancy), and bacon (try the Trailer Park Hillbilly Style at Torchy's Tacos and you will understand). 


    My wife, children, three dogs and I live in Lubbock, TX. 


    From Simple To Spectacular

    Whatever your style I, can help create a wedding ceremony to suit.

    Maybe you're looking for a traditional, church style wedding. Maybe you'd like a small, intimate gathering. Maybe you need a little bit spiritual, a little more secular, a little something to make grandma happy, a little smidge to make your in-laws happy, and a lot to make you and your partner ecstatic. What ever you need, from backyard I dos to long center aisles in massive cathedrals, I can help make it all yours.

    Pre-Wedding Consultations

    I go to work as soon as you contact me.

    I want to know the people who are getting married, it helps me create a special moment for you. We can meet  as often as you need (within reason) via Skype, phone, email, text, and in person to plan the wedding ceremony.

    I also offer pre-marital discussions to help the engaged couple prepare for married life. We discuss things like family of origin, communication skills, dispute resolution and more. And wether you decide to have these discussions with me or another qualified individual, I offer total package discounts.

    Ironing Out The Details & Cleaning Up 

    I'm available for rehearsals and helping to take care of the things following the wedding.

    Rehearsals are part of every wedding, period. I want to make sure your wedding day goes as planned, so I want to prepare right along side you. If you have a wedding coordinator, I'll do my best to work with them. If you don't have a wedding coordinator, I'll help lead rehearsal so that everyone is on the same page.

    After the wedding I'll stick around for pictures, offer a helping hand if I can, and get the signed wedding license back to the courthouse to make you official. 

    What Else?

    Do you have other questions? Keep reading.

    Q. Where are you located? Where will you do weddings?

    A. I live in Lubbock, TX and will officiate at weddings anywhere. The farther from Lubbock, generally speaking, the higher the price.


    Q. What about same sex weddings?

    A. I'm game. Love it love in my book.


    Q. What about non-religious weddings?

    A. Sure. 


    Q. What about zombie weddings?

    A. Zombies are kind of scary, I'll think about it.


    Q. What about services that aren't wedding related.

    A. I can help with just about any event that should be marked by a ceremony or ritual. Funerals, births, vow renewals, moving into a new home, starting a new job, divorces, adoptions, you name it.


    If you still have questions, shoot me a message.


    It's the question no one wants to talk about. "How much?" Generally speaking, I'm on par with other officiants, but let's talk and we'll see what we can come up with. A lot of factors go into pricing for me. How far out is the booking, how elaborate is the wedding and how many moving parts am I in charge of, how far from my home is the wedding, what time of year is it and am I already pretty busy.


    So, I'll say this, I can fit budgets from $100 to $1000 (I don't think anyone will or should pay me that). I'll try to be upfront and clear about what I'm charging you and will give you a written quote before we get too far to turn back.


    I also offer some discounts. Chiefly, if you participate in some type of premarital counseling, I'll give you a whole package discount. 


    Have a question? Want to reserve a date? Just want to say hi? Drop me a line.

    You can also give me a call at 806-370-0592.